Celebrate Parks and Recreation Month in Geary County, Kansas, by Visiting These Hidden Gems

Celebrate Parks and Recreation Month in Geary County, Kansas, by Visiting These Hidden Gems Main Photo

25 Jun 2024


National Parks and Recreation Month has been celebrated every July for nearly 40 years. Summer is a great time to explore Junction City and Geary County, Kansas. Geary County has over 13 parks and countless hiking trails, streams, and natural wonders. Diverse plants and animals native to Kansas are only a short drive away.

Discover the unique experiences that await you in the best parks of Geary County, Kansas. From picnics amidst lush greenery to thrilling day hikes and other outdoor activities, there's something for everyone to enjoy and explore this Parks and Recreation Month.

Visit the Best State and Local Parks in Geary County, Kansas

You can explore Kansas's national wonders without traveling far. Here are a few can't-miss parks in Junction City and Geary County. See how many you can visit this July.

Milford State Park is located on the southeast shore of Milford Reservoir, the state's largest lake. It offers ample outdoor activities, wildlife observation, and fishing opportunities. The park features modern amenities, including a marina, campgrounds, cabins, extensive trails, a nearby nature center, and a fish hatchery.

Buffalo Soldier Park features a monument honoring the Buffalo Soldiers of the 9th and 10th Cavalry Regiments. Nine bronze plaques detail the history of Junction City, Fort Riley, and these regiments. Located at 18th Street and Buffalo Soldier Drive, the park also includes playground equipment, a gazebo, and picnic tables.

Helland Park, just north of the bridge on Rucker Road, is a 57-acre escape with 2.5 miles of hiking and mountain biking trails, providing close-up encounters with nature.

Heritage Park, located at West 6th and North Washington Streets, is Junction City's central public space in the Downtown District. It hosts many community events and features the Civil War Arch, Kansas Vietnam Veterans Memorial, 1st Infantry Division Memorial, Law Enforcement Memorial, a bandstand, and a water fountain.

The Bluffs Park, at Goldenbelt Boulevard and Caroline Avenue, offers a small lake, hiking and biking trails, playground equipment, and picnic tables at the entrance of the Bluffs Apartment complex.

Homer's Pond, at the 100 Block of North Eisenhower Drive, is a family-friendly fishing spot stocked with catfish and bass. It includes picnic areas, a BBQ shelter, an observation deck, and a walking/running path around the lake with a central water fountain.

Visiting Local Parks Supports Regional Economic Development 

There is a direct correlation between visiting state or local parks and economic development in Geary County. Your contribution also supports the upkeep of the parks, including removing invasive species and litter that can harm. This maintenance improves residents' quality of life and makes it a desirable place to live now and for future generations. The state and local parks are an asset, attracting residents to Junction City and Geary County and growing the workforce.

Remember, your visit to the local parks of Geary County, even if admission is free, plays a crucial role. Parks monitor foot traffic and visitor counts and your presence could lead to additional funding for the park and programs for kids, families, and adults alike, making a tangible difference in the parks' upkeep and development.

As you make plans to explore the state and local parks of Junction City and Geary County this July, rest assured that your safety is our top priority. Remember to pack your sunscreen, water, comfortable walking shoes, and bug spray. And always inform someone about your hiking plans. With these precautions in place, you can fully immerse yourself in nature and return with wonderful memories.

The Junction City-Geary County Economic Development Commission Can Help

For more direction or help connecting with resources, reach out to JC-GCEDC today. The region is growing, the economy is booming, and there is room for additional businesses to expand here. Our strategic location, paired with skilled labor and an actively pro-business climate, are assets for any company, but especially for our target industries. Explore our full array of tools for site selectors here and contact us at 785-762-1976 or edc@jcacc.org.

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