Stormont Vail Health's Investment in Geary Community Hospital: A Vital Lifeline for the Junction City, Kansas Community

Stormont Vail Health's Investment in Geary Community Hospital: A Vital Lifeline for the Junction City, Kansas Community Main Photo

8 Dec 2023

In Junction City, Kansas, the acquisition of Geary Community Hospital by Stormont Vail Health has ignited a transformative journey in healthcare accessibility and quality for the entire region. Stormont Vail Health, a renowned nonprofit integrated health system with a legacy of over 130 years, has brought its exceptional expertise and commitment to this community, breathing new life into the Geary Community Hospital, now known as the Stormont Vail Health Flint Hills Campus.

At the heart of Stormont Vail Health's decision to invest in the Geary Community Hospital was a resounding belief in the need for high-quality healthcare close to home. The Junction City community, like many rural areas, faced financial and staffing challenges, necessitating intervention. Stormont Vail Health recognized the pivotal role that a hospital of this caliber plays in enhancing the economic well-being and quality of life in the region, which inspired the acquisition.

Enhancing Access to Quality Healthcare Services

Stormont Vail Health's vision, to be a national leader in providing compassionate, high-quality, and efficient integrated care, aligns seamlessly with their commitment to the Junction City community. By connecting and collaborating between Topeka, Manhattan, Emporia, and Junction City, they ensure efficient and effective healthcare services for the region. The creation of the Flint Hills Campus is an investment in the community, designed to meet the rising need for healthcare services.

Taking ownership of Geary Community Hospital, now the Flint Hills Campus, has been a boon for both Stormont Vail Health and the community. The addition of this campus has enhanced the capacity to treat and care for patients in Geary County and the surrounding areas. Over 200 team members, who share the values of high-quality patient care, joined the Stormont Vail family, ensuring that the community receives the best in healthcare.

The commitment to retaining and improving healthcare services in the Junction City area has been a collaborative effort. County commissioners and community leaders worked diligently to make the Flint Hills Campus a reality. Geary County's contribution of $20 million in deferred maintenance and repairs, combined with Stormont Vail's $7.5 million investment, underscores the commitment of both the healthcare system and the community.

The Flint Hills Campus: A Beacon of Hope in Rural Healthcare

Looking ahead, Stormont Vail Health aims to stabilize the hospital and Rural Health Clinic and collaborate with others to determine and meet the evolving healthcare needs of the community. The community's support is instrumental in achieving these goals. Stormont Vail Health encourages residents to choose the Flint Hills Campus for their healthcare needs, ensuring 24/7 access to emergency care and a wide range of medical services.

Stormont Vail Health is proud to be an integral part of the Junction City community, serving as the healthcare provider of choice for those in need. Their dedication extends not only to providing exceptional medical care but also to being an employer of choice in the region. The Flint Hills Campus is a testament to their commitment to the community's well-being and quality of life.

In the face of a national trend of rural hospitals closing, the Stormont Vail Health Flint Hills Campus stands as a beacon of hope, providing increased access to specialized medical treatment and elevating the economic prosperity and quality of life in Junction City and Geary County.