Career and Technical Education Programs At Junction City High School Increase Skilled Workforce Availability in Junction City, Kansas

Career and Technical Education Programs At Junction City High School Increase Skilled Workforce Availability in Junction City, Kansas Main Photo

19 Nov 2023


The Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs offered by Junction City High School are paving the way for the success of high school students and the community. These programs not only offer a diverse range of career pathways but also provide students with the foundation they need to thrive in post-secondary education and beyond.

Junction City High School boasts fifteen distinct career pathways, each carefully designed to empower students to explore their interests, passions, and dreams. These pathways serve as the building blocks for a successful future, allowing students to gain valuable knowledge and skills. Some pathways offered include Comprehensive Agriculture Science, Construction, Business Finance, Mobile Equipment Maintenance, Restaurant and Event Management, Health Science, and Education and Training.

As students progress through their junior and senior years, they enroll in technical- and application-level courses related to their chosen pathway. These courses offer hands-on, real-world experiences, bridging the gap between classroom learning and future careers. Students not only gain relevant training but can also earn certifications within their chosen field, making them job-ready upon graduation.

Exploring Careers Through Work-Based Learning and Internships

To ensure students are well-prepared for their chosen careers, Junction City High School offers a work-based learning and internship program. This program allows students to gain practical experience by working with professionals in their desired fields. It's through this process of exploration that students discover what they truly enjoy and, sometimes, just as importantly, what they do not wish to pursue after graduation.

CTE Programs Foster Community Engagement with Local Business Partnerships

The success of the CTE programs at Junction City High School is made possible through strong partnerships with local businesses in the Junction City and Fort Riley areas. Each career pathway maintains an advisory committee consisting of industry experts. These individuals provide invaluable guidance, ensuring the programs stay current with industry trends and technology. The relationship between the school and local businesses is dynamic, constantly adapting to meet the needs of both the CTE pathways and the community.

The CTE programs at Junction City High School benefit many students, teachers, and the community. Students gain a deeper understanding of how their academic learning directly applies to real-world scenarios within their chosen career paths. Teachers receive the necessary support and professional development to stay up-to-date with industry standards—aligning their courses with students' career ambitions. And, the community benefits from having skilled and job-ready young individuals who can seamlessly transition into the workforce.

One success story involves a student who was initially uncertain about their career path. Through the internship program, the student discovered their passion for the Health Science pathway, eventually earning an EMT certification and securing employment with the local fire department. This student's success is a testament to the effectiveness of the programs and their positive impact on students' lives and the community.

Career Technical Education Programs' Role in Empowering Students and Enriching Communities like Junction City and Fort Riley

The CTE programs at Junction City High School are not only shaping the lives of students but also enhancing the vitality of the community. They serve as a powerful reminder that for small communities like Junction City to thrive, nurturing homegrown talent and fostering strong partnerships with local businesses is essential. As the programs evolve, Junction City can look forward to a future filled with promising opportunities and success stories.

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