Here's How These Businesses Exploded During the Pandemic

9 Jun 2021


It’s been incredibly interesting to watch just how the world has responded to the Covid-19 crisis. Some businesses and individuals didn’t seem to respond or pivot at all, but a select group of companies figured out how to not only stay afloat, but also thrive in the midst of this pandemic. 

These companies, the successful amidst the chaos, act as a compelling case study for many economists around the globe (since this is truly all unprecedented), and for myself. I’ve been looking at the companies that have actually grown during Covid-19, and I dug into just how they’ve been able to do it. Hopefully, this insight will help you in your entrepreneurial endeavors, and perhaps it will infuse a little bit of life and light into your business during this seemingly dark time. 

Food-delivery services 

While takeout and delivery have existed for a while now, they didn't quite hit their stride until Covid-19 blew through the world. Before the pandemic, companies like GrubHub, DoorDash and Uber Eats were merely conveniences — not seen by many as an efficient way to purchase their food. However, these companies were able to change that.

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