Twin Valley Fiber-Optic Service Brings Infrastructure Upgrade to Geary County

Twin Valley Fiber-Optic Service Brings Infrastructure Upgrade to Geary County Main Photo

2 Jun 2021


Junction City/Geary County Kansas is now benefiting from reliable, high-performance fiber broadband thanks to Twin Valley Communications, a 4th-generation family-owned provider of gigabit broadband, fixed wireless, and IT managed services. This innovation was made possible by SPARK funding from CARES Act grants, matching investments from Twin Valley, and proactive thinking by Junction City leadership.

The project is being conducted in two phases. Due to requirements of the SPARK funding received September 2020, Phase 1 had to be completed by December 31, 2020. Had the city not voted in November 2019 to install a conduit system and fiber-optic network to connect the city buildings, Twin Valley’s expansion may not have been possible because of the tight time frame. The microduct installation was originally necessary because an improvement in connectivity was required for needed upgrades to the automatic metering system, the water plant, and the wastewater plant.

“The forward-thinking of the city manager and commission to invest in a microduct system was, simply put, impressive,” said Ben Foster, CEO and President, Twin Valley Management. “The microduct was a key factor in allowing the project to move forward as quickly as it has to bring a better option and community partner to Junction City.”

“The expediency of that project gave our team time to consider what else could be possible with this type of backbone-fiber capability. Conversations with the local economic development team and business owners ensued, and we are now in conversations to determine additional areas to reach in the community.”

Phase 1, now complete, brought coverage to about 6,000 homes and businesses. It passes through a significant part of the city, the industrial parks, and Geary Community Hospital. Phase 2 brings fiber to the businesses along the existing microduct and begins to extend to other businesses based on demand. Additionally, this fiber allows Twin Valley to provide managed IT services over that connection as well.

Twin Valley“We build where businesses, or a collection of businesses, have asked for a better Internet service from Twin Valley,” said Foster. “And, while that demand continues to build, it’s important that we continue hearing from businesses to create our plan and timeline. The more demand in an area, the quicker they will receive fiber Internet!”

The industrial park area, the first zone to receive service, has quickly met the threshold of interest. 

“One thing is clear: this community sees the value of fiber infrastructure, and the many benefits it provides,” said Foster. “Businesses that are interested in service but have not spoken to one of our business representatives should do so quickly, to allow us to prioritize the construction plans. You can do this by visiting”

This infrastructure improvement provides remarkable advantages for economic development in Junction City. Not only does it help existing businesses, it will be a powerful recruitment tool to bring other businesses, entrepreneurs, and industry to the area.

“Business owners can benefit from reliable connectivity from a community partner who invests in the communities we serve, and provides the fastest Internet connection at a far better value than other providers,'' said Foster. “In Twin Valley’s 75+ years in business, our focus remains the same: utilizing technology to help real businesses solve the real challenges they face. When you combine that with the superior quality of fiber infrastructure and our great customer service, you get the whole package from a fellow small-town business that shares the same values.”

Foster continued, “We are truly grateful for the support of the city and county on this important project. It’s the result of, and a testament to, the many people in Junction City who are focused on the future of this great city. All their work ensures that their community is a draw to business owners who might be considering coming into a new community. We look forward to many years of working together to make the future even brighter.”

Fiber-Optic Coverage Area

Now complete: The fiber backbone was extended from the southern edge of Milford to the southern edge of Junction City — about seven miles of fiber. (For reference, the industrial park and across the interstate to the KDOT tower is being defined as the southern edge of Junction City.) 

Currently: That mainline fiber is connected to a tower south of I-70, and then with a second tower just west of Junction City. Twin Valley is in the process of pulling fiber through the city’s existing microduct with plans to begin activating service in June 2021. This will bring fiber Internet directly to Junction City businesses.

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