Kollhoff Pharmacy expanding horizons

26 Jul 2018

It’s no secret the building Kollhoff Pharmacy occupies on Washington Street used to be a Pizza Hut. The distinct hut-style roof and the windows will soon be removed and the building will take on a new look.

“It’s kind of an iconic building,” John Kollhoff said at the groundbreaking ceremony Tuesday morning. 

His wife, Sue, said they will be adding a drive thru to better serve customers and then will move on to remodeling the interior of the building. 

“We’re putting on the drive thru outside and adding some additional space for some storage,” she said. “And when that is completed, we’re going to remodel the interior.”

John said the entire project will take at least 60 to 90 days to complete. 

“We’re really excited,” Sue said.

Junction City Manager Allen Dinkel said it is important that business owners in the community are invested in making the community a better place for everyone. John and Sue are actively involved in the community including serving on several boards.

“I think if we get all our businesses involved in the community it becomes a lot easier,” he said.