4 Key Components To Creating A Sophisticated Economic Development Marketing Strategy

15 Dec 2020


The strategy of simply creating a website and hoping new businesses will look at your community isn’t going to work by itself. You need a marketing plan to work along with it. A workforce attraction and business growth strategy need to target specific industry sectors. A solid strategy will have four key components: workforce attraction strategy, narrative placemaking and successful story creation, aggressive social media campaign, and a robust analytical approach to measuring the marketing effectiveness.


The demand for skilled labor continues to burden communities and US employers. Manufacturing has been on the rise, but the manufacturing jobs have become more technical and precise. These workers are being trained and retrained and are becoming more available. However, the key is to find those workers.

The COVID pandemic has also left much of the workforce working remotely from wherever they’d like. Many people are moving out of metropolitan areas and into suburban and rural regions.

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