Residents of Junction City-Geary County Enjoy Access to Affordable Healthcare

23 Mar 2020

Residents of Junction City-Geary County have access to excellent healthcare resources that can be viewed in detail here. Top-notch healthcare with costs well below the national average and innovative, highly educated medical teams are only a few of the benefits life in Geary County offers. 

Geary Community Hospital is a state-of-the-art medical campus with the motto: “Progressive Healthcare, Hometown Compassion.” The hospital was the first in Kansas to offer in-vitro fertilization and bariatric surgery and it employs over 500 people in the region. The Irwin Army Community Hospital, located in Ft. Riley, serves over 30,000 active duty military and family members each year. Valley View Senior Life offers assisted living, independent living and 24 hour Rehabilitation and Recovery services making Geary County an excellent place to retire. Click here to learn more about life and medical care in Junction City-Geary County.