Unlocking Opportunities in Geary County: Barton Community College's New Scale Technician Course

Unlocking Opportunities in Geary County: Barton Community College's New Scale Technician Course Main Photo

5 Mar 2024

Inspired by a crucial need for efficiency and expertise, Barton Community College's new Scale Technician Course hopes to provide Kansas-area workers a unique opportunity for those seeking a fulfilling career in an often overlooked field. Eleven years ago, Barton Community College Workforce Training division joined hands with the Kansas Scales Association and the Division of Weights and Measures to address a pressing issue: the shortage of certified scale technicians.

Bridging the Gap: Addressing the Shortage of Skilled Scale Technicians

These technicians, responsible for certifying, installing, and repairing commercial scales, are vital in ensuring accuracy and fairness in commerce. After meeting with industry partners, it became apparent that formal training or post-secondary education options were needed in the region to satisfy the growing need for scale technicians. Calculating accurate weight for products is a vital part of the US economy, and with many technicians nearing retirement age, the need for new and adequately trained scale technicians is a constant concern for companies.

Recognizing the situation's urgency, Barton Community College met with industry and government officials to develop a comprehensive curriculum that would meet industry standards and provide a pathway to success for aspiring technicians. The result? A pioneering Scale Technician Program that equips graduates with essential skills, licenses, and certifications, setting them on a trajectory toward higher-earning careers with ample growth opportunities.

From Classroom to Career: New Possibilities for Graduates

The impact of this program reverberates throughout the community. With over 20,000 commercial scales in Kansas alone, the demand for skilled technicians is undeniable. Graduates of Barton's program find themselves in high demand, with companies eagerly seeking their expertise. From small-town businesses to national corporations, the need for scale technicians knows no bounds, offering various employment opportunities across multiple sectors.

Moreover, the benefits extend beyond just job prospects. Graduates enter the workforce with competitive wages, comprehensive benefits, and the potential for rapid career advancement. For veterans transitioning back into civilian life, the Scale Technician Course offers a streamlined path to a fulfilling and portable career, with opportunities stretching from coast to coast.

Building a Strong Foundation: The Impact of Barton's Scale Technician Program

Barton Community College aims to raise awareness about this dynamic career path, ensuring that individuals from all walks of life know the opportunities that await them. With plans to offer two classes per year, accommodating a maximum of 16 students each semester, the college remains committed to providing personalized, hands-on learning experiences that set students up for success.

The  Barton Community College's Scale Technician Course is more than just a training program; it's a gateway to a brighter future. This initiative embodies the spirit of community and collaboration by addressing a critical need within the industry and empowering individuals with the skills they need to thrive. As the scales of commerce continue to tip in favor of accuracy and efficiency, one thing remains certain: the Scale Technician Course at Barton Community College is poised to make a lasting impact for years.

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