How Our GIS Planning Tools Can Help Your Business Get Ahead

How Our GIS Planning Tools Can Help Your Business Get Ahead Main Photo

7 Jan 2022


Businesses need data for decision-making, planning, and expansion, otherwise, it’s all just a guessing game. Data-based decision management is a business practice that highlights a pathway to constant, incremental improvement that can enhance the overall performance and efficiency of a business. It lends a consistency to business practices that allows for collaborations and successful forecasts and predictions. 

Geographic Information Systems, or GIS, are powerful decision-making tools that give businesses this needed data since they allow the analysis of environmental, demographic, and infrastructure data. Data intelligence compiled from GIS applications can help companies, various industries, and consumers, make informed decisions.

Junction City-Geary County Economic Development Commission (JC-GCEDC) has GIS planning tools that are free and easy to use. 

Geary County’s community profile can be explored here. Information is readily available about educational attainment, housing characteristics, how far people are willing to commute, and much more. Exploring labor pool and customer base characteristics can give businesses an edge when deciding about factors such as location and direct marketing campaigns.

Comparisons of communities can be conducted here to see the industry saturation in the area and how the cost of doing business shakes out. Information regarding total businesses by establishment type, total employees by occupation, and labor force status is just a sampling of the data available.

Industries and Clusters in Junction CityIndustry and clusters information, including business searches, can be researched through the interactive GIS Planning tool found here. Additionally, labor force demographics and consumer expenditures can be explored using the interactive GIS Planning tool found here. All of the information and maps generated can be added to a shareable custom report. 

GIS planning tools put the power of data within reach, but if you need more help with planning, market research, and scouting talent, don’t hesitate to contact JC-GCEDC today at 785-762-1976 or