PowerUpJC Successfully Injected $22,000 into the Greary County Economy and They Want to Do It Again

PowerUpJC Successfully Injected $22,000 into the Greary County Economy and They Want to Do It Again Main Photo

11 May 2020

With dedication, collaboration, action, and cash, the PowerUpJC Business Support Program proved that “supporting business” is not just words to the Junction City Area Chamber of Commerce (JCACC). Through this program, when a gift card was ordered for a participating Greary County business, PowerUpJC added a matching gift and just like that, the buying power of the customer was doubled. It was as easy as 1+1=2: your dollar plus a matching dollar equaled twice the impact.

According to Jeff Underhill, mayor of Junction City, this idea for a cash infusion came about when his wife offered to prepay for her service with her hair stylist to help ensure that the business would have some income to start the reopening process. The generosity of that simple act sparked an idea that the JCACC staff ran with at full sprint. From designing the program, to rallying support, to website building and promotion, it only took them six days to get it all up and running. Partners stepping up with a total of $11,000 of sponsorship included the City of Junction City, Geary County, Central National Bank, Godfrey’s Indoor Ranges & Tactical Supply, Hometown Insurance Agency, and Eagle Communications. 

If you thought six days to implementation was fast, the response from the community was even faster. In a matter of four short hours the program had maxed out the $11,000 fund with matched purchases. This means a total of $22,000 was flooded into local small businesses throughout Junction City-Geary County. “This will have a huge impact on the community,” said Mayor Underhill, “by making sure the participating businesses are able to reopen, and are getting necessary revenues. The dollar amounts spent in our community will multiply several times over.”

Beverly Davis, the owner of Magnolia’s Boutique in Junction City, expressed her gratitude. “We are so very thankful to be able to participate in such a wonderful event, one that comes in a time of such need for small businesses and families,” she said. “Our customers were so excited [with the] several set events and reminders to be able to take advantage of PowerUpJC! Which I think shows how great the need was for an opportunity like this, along with the fact that matching gift certificates sold out in just under 4 hours! I am definitely JC proud and I have not seen another community be able to offer something similar in their communities!” 

The goal to offer a valuable incentive to the consumer, infuse businesses with cash flow, and help the local economy was achieved. “Our community is strong and our goal is to get every business reopened once the COVID-19 epidemic passes,” said Mayor Underhill. “Small businesses are essential to our community and this program shows that Junction City is open for business and we are constant supporters of the business community.” 

Power Up JCAnd they want to do it again. “We have had questions regarding if we will have a second round of PowerUpJC,” said Mickey Fornaro-Dean, JCACC President. “The answer is we would love to . . . but funds are needed to recharge the PowerUpJC program. If you are willing to support this program with a second round, please contact the chamber so we can discuss.”

If you would like to become a sponsor by donating to the PowerUpJC matching fund, you can email info@jcacc.org or phone 785-762-2632. Businesses in the following categories---bars and restaurants, hospitality, retails sales, health and beauty, and service industries---wanting to benefit from this program should also contact JCACC. More details about eligibility can be found here. Visit the Facebook page often to check the status of the PowerUpJC program. As always, consider joining the JCACC to reap the benefits and show you are community strong.