Access the Area Talent Tool on Our Website for Insight Into the Highly Educated Workforce of Junction City-Geary County

10 Feb 2020

The Area Talent tool on our website provides readers with an overview of the highly educated workforce in Junction City-Geary County. Many of our residents have succeeded in achieving their educational goals and now put those talents toward working in the community.  The top programs that graduates have received education in are Business, Management, Marketing and related support services. Agriculture and related sciences rank second. Education, Engineering and Health Professions are also in the top programs. 
Over 36% of the population in Geary County have an Associate's degree or higher and over 67% have completed some college or higher. There is also a variety of workforce training opportunities available to the residents of Geary County to assist in further developing job skills. To learn more about what percentage of the population has training in which fields, click here for an easy to use drop down menu of categories.