USD 475 Superintendent of Schools Announces Retirement Plans

6 Feb 2018

by Dewey Terrill

The Superintendent of Schools for Geary USD 475, Dr. Corbin Witt, has announced his plan to retire July 1, 2019 after the 2018-19 school year.

Witt told JC Post they were talking about contract extensions and he wanted the Board of Education to understand why he didn’t want a contract extension. “So I just told them I’m going to plan to work out this current contract which goes through July 1, 2019 and then I was going to retire. That was what I told the Board so that they would know why I was not wanting my contract extended.”

Witt was hired to serve as superintendent of schools in April of 2014 and officially began work in that position on July 1, 2014.  He sent a text message to school district employees on Tuesday informing them of his decision to resign for the purposes of retirement on July 1, 2019. He indicated that for about six months he had been considering retirement.

Witt, 52, noted he is close to the 85-point requirement and would be able to retire . “Try something different, do something a little bit different for the next several years was something that my wife and I had been talking about. So we decided over the weekend that I’d go ahead and let the Board know and move forward.” The 85-point requirement is a combination of years of experience and age. When July 1, 2019 arrives he will have reached that mark since he will be 54-years old and have 31 years of experience working in education.

During the next year and a half Witt noted priorities for him in USD 475 will include keeping the new high school project on track and working on the Board of Education goals.